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I am Colleen

When the sun begins to set I have found myself chasing legends and adventure on Amelia Island in the form of Ghost hunting. What started as a simple curiosity has turned into a full blown obsession.

My name is Colleen and while I am a master barber during the day, after dark I am a ghost hunter and tour guide. I am originally from Ohio but have called Fernandina beach home since 2014. I have fallen in love with the Island and spend my days collecting stories from the locals and relaxing by the beach.

Join Jeannie and myself as we take you out into the darkness of the night and maybe we'll be lucky enough to find a ghost together!

I am Jeannie

From Houston Texas, I've lived in the low country/southeast coast for over a decade. Tour guide in Savanna for 6 years. Aside from our tour program, I'm knowledgeable about local fishing, tides, wildlife and coastal terrain.

My favorite thing to do is look for shark teeth when I'm not working on local wood and furniture pieces.

Ghost Tours of Amelia Island

What We Do

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Haunted Ghost Tour

Take a walking tour of Amelia Island and learn about all the dark stories of the Island.


Haunted Bar Crawl

Visit all the spookiest bars and be regaled with tales of the supernatural while drinking some fine spirits.

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Cemetery Tour

Be guided through a haunted cemetery in the dark of night.


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